Arizona Elopement

Arizona Elopement

Lost Dutchman State Park Wedding Venue

If you are thinking about eloping in arizona, the Lost Dutchman State Park doubles as an Arizona Wedding Venue. They have little cabanas that you can rent, and you really get a true feel of Arizona and is not that far from Pheonix Arizona. Here is their website with more information about having a wedding there You can also have your wedding elsewhere and we can stop here for some beautiful couples photos!

Arizona Wedding Photographer

Hi! I’m Charlee, a traveling wedding & elopement photographer serving the fun & laid back couples that love genuine, moody, and true to color wedding photography. If you love this Arizona Desert Wedding, I’d love to help you plan your wedding or elopement, reach out to me here!

Should we elope or have an intimate wedding in Arizona?

That part is completely up to you, but I have two awesome ideas for you!

If you are looking to get this stunning photo backdrop but don’t necessarily want to elope, have your wedding at The Paseo Wedding Venue!! Here is a link to their website With me as your Arizona Wedding Photographer, I can capture Wedding Photos as elegant as these in the backyard of The Paseo Wedding Venue.

If you do want to elope in Arizona, I can take you to this exact spot in Lost Dutchman State Park. They do have rental gazebos at Lost Dutchman State Park for weddings, but they do not allow certain items that I feel might be restrictive for a wedding. That is why if you’d like to have a wedding or intimate wedding in Arizona, I suggest booking your wedding with The Paseo wedding venue.

But if you’re looking for a quick ceremony and some pictures in this beautiful elopement location then I highly suggest booking me as your photographer and stopping by Lost Dutchman State Park. It is $10/ a car to get in so it would be very cheap to do your wedding photos there. If you plan on reserving the location they do charge a fee, which would still likely be less than reserving a venue, although it does come with restrictions so I highly recommend reading through their wedding section on their website here

Arizona Wedding Photographer

The Paseo Wedding Venue

If you’re looking for a photographer that is as invested in your relationship as you are and wants to capture these fun & genuine moments so that they are never forgotten, please inquire with me here

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