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Ideas For Having A Wedding In Door County

door county weddings

So You Want to Have Your Wedding in Door County?

Door County is such a beautiful place to have your wedding or elopement. There are so many great places, heck, I bet you could pick a random place on the map and it would be absolutely stunning. Door County is filled with lots of flowers and natural beauty. It is right on Lake Michigan too with absolutely stunning shorelines. There is lots of wine, cheese, food, hiking, flowers, and so much more in Door County. My husband and I actually had a micro-wedding in Door County because we love it so much.

This post is going to give you my best personal recommendations. I am only putting places I have personally visited and love, so this isn’t just some other blog post with random locations. We visit every year for the last 3-4 years, and I have went several times before I even met my husband. So I am very familiar with Door County, and it will always be a home to me.

wedding in door county

Door County Wedding Photographer

Something just as important as finding the perfect location(s) for your wedding day, is finding the perfect photographer for you and your partner! My name is Charlee, and I specialize in moody, fun, genuine, & true to color wedding photography! I am a Door County lover and frequent visitor. I’d love to chat about your Door County Wedding plans and help you plan exactly what you’re dreaming of. Inquire HERE

door county wedding photographer

Door County Ceremony Locations

Cana Island Lighthouse

I am biased because this is where my husband and I had our ceremony in Door County WI. There are so many stunning spots for photos! You and your guests can explore around the island & go up in the lighthouse! We had our ceremony on a random spot on the shoreline, but they have a very large yard that you can hold your ceremony in. The way me and my husband did it was very informal and not structured at all. We arrived, the spot I imagined was covered in water because the tide was high, so we worked with our photographer and picked a new spot. Nothing to fret about! After we secured a little spot on the shoreline our family stood and watched us get married. Even though the waves were really loud and couldn’t hear us, they were just happy to be there. This link HERE will take you to their contact info.

Door County Wineries

Lautenbach’s Winery and Apple Orchard

This winery doubles as an apple orchard that you can have your wedding at! They have the most beautiful little gazebo pictured below that would be so unique for wedding photos. And obviously the apple trees would make for such unique wedding photos also! They have this fun game at the winery where you see how far you can spit a cherry pit, since Door County is known for their cherries! They have great sweet wine here that would be perfect for a cheers after you say I do! Pictured below is a self portrait I took

Northern Haus

This one is an actual wedding venue in Door County! If you are looking for a wedding that has more of a prairie feel to it, this one is for you. The building is a white barn that is so updated and classy looking on the inside!! If you had your wedding here it would for sure be elegant, classy, and a touch of rustic because of it technically being a barn venue. This venue can hold up to 225 people! You can take a virtual tour of the venue HERE

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm

While you cannot host your event here, as they cannot accommodate, it would be a great photo spot to stop and take some couples photos in the lavender fields!! They are absolutely gorgeous

Gordon Lodge Door County

Now this is the place to be if you want several different aspects of Door County included on your wedding day. It is located right on Lake Michigan and honestly feels like you are in a little paradise! There is lodging right on site so you and your guests do not need to leave the property when the fun of the night is over! They have multiple spaces to choose from and can hold up to 300 people but cater to small weddings too! To read more about weddings at Gordon Lodge click HERE

Door County wedding photographer

Alexander’s of Door County

This is more of a fancy restaurant that is kind of like a steakhouse but has lots of seafood options too. It is quiet and they have their own little property. The restaurant itself is beautiful and would be gorgeous for photos!

Washington Island

Washington Island in Door County has numerous great photo spots! You can get married at the Stavkirke Church or they also have a Trintity Lutheran Church not far from each other that you can have your ceremony at. After your ceremony, the beautiful Schoolhouse Beach is not far for some stunning photo opportunities!!

After Ceremony Places to Eat

Now of course this depends on how large your group is, but if you are having a micro wedding or eloping, you have so many choices on places to stop and eat! Some of these places do not do reservations so you may have to order it and eat it at a park nearby such as Sister Bay Beach. Always call for reservations for something like this to make sure that they are available to do that on the date you need!

Best Restaurants in Door County

Wild Tomato Pizza

This is THE BEST pizza in Door County, maybe even in all of Wisconsin!! If I truly didn’t believe that, my husband and I would not have ordered it for our wedding day. We had Door County Courier deliver it to Cana Island Lighthouse for us and it was ready and waiting for us when we were done with the ceremony! We would have loved to dine in, but they do not take reservations and we really wanted this for our wedding dinner, more of a lunch!


This is such a great little restaurant with a screened in patio that would be perfect for a little event. They have a homestyle menu with lots of sweets in their bakery section and a great breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. We make sure to stop here every trip we make to Door County!

The White Gull Inn

The White Gull Inn offers a really beautiful candlelight dinner. How romantic is that!? I personally have only had their AMAZING breakfast, but I’m sure their dinner is fantastic as well!

Door County Photographer

My name is Charlee, and I specialize in moody, fun, genuine, & true to color wedding photography! As you can see, I am very familiar with all of what Door County has to offer and I have so many more recommendations beyond this post. I’d love to chat about your wedding plans and help you plan exactly what you’re dreaming of. Inquire HERE

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